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The name Thalassas, which means "of the sea" in Greek, was chosen because it perfectly describes how this journey began.  Our company was founded by two marine biologists with a desire to learn about our oceans, and use this knowledge to inspire others to protect the marine world.  We donate a portion of our profits to research and conservaton efforts, which means your purchase has a purpose!


As director of operations, our resident social media maven and data diva Kelsey received her Master's degree in Coastal Sciences from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2015 after completing a management strategy evaluation for the Atlantic surfclam commercial fishery. Since then, Kelsey has appeared as an author on 16 scholarly articles in the shellfish research field.  


Chris also received his Master's degree in Coastal Sciences from the University of Southern Mississippi.  His research used carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes to examine trophic variability in multiple fish species in the Gulf of Mexico. Before earning his Master's and becoming the co-founder and marketing director for Thalassas, Chris worked in online advertising and professional sales.

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We pledge to provide you with high quality products and a level of customer service that will give you a buying experience you can feel great about.  We are always happy to answer questions or address any concerns, so feel free to send an email to!